Saturday, June 20, 2009

Am I really getting Married?

Today has been a wonderful day. With the help of my mother-in-law and Maid of Honor Jessica I was able to pick up my dress, find the perfect dress for Jasmine and find a potential Dress for Jessica! Yah!! So far we have tackled:
The Cake
The Dresses
The Tux
The Invitations
Party Favors
and even figured out flowers!

I am sooo lucky to have them helping me! I don't know where I'd be without their help!

Now as for the update about Nana Appreciation day!!!
I suppose it goes without saying that Nana was very touched and happy that we took her out! For once we were able to keep everything a surprise she had no idea where we were taking her, or what it was for! Surprises are so wonderful!

Around 6 we headed over to her house to pick her up, I rang the door bell, and Todd answered the door! I laughed a little because for some strange reason I felt as if I was a young boy coming to pick up his prom date or something! Anyway, I waited about 3 minutes while she changed, because she didn't like her shirt! Then we headed outside where Rob opened the car door for her! (How sweet!) We waited till we were pulling out of the drive way before explaining to her our reasoning behind taking her out that night! We called in Nana Appreciation day because we wanted her to know how much we appreciate all that she has done for us over the years! Nana was of course thrilled and very thankful! We took her to Tripps, she has always wanted to go there and had a nice almost quiet dinner together! I say almost because any time there Jasmine and good food are in the same place it's never quiet! If she isn't screaming at you for feeding her too slow, shes saying "good" or "MHHMMM"! She is such a doll! =]

God bless you all,
<3 Rilda

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nana Apreciation Day!

So a couple of weeks ago Rob and I decided that we needed to take Nana (His mother and Jasmines Grandmother) out to do something special with the three of us. Over the past four years that Rob and I have been dating she has always been there for us. Weather it was giving us money so we could do something nice with eachother, making sure we have enough groceries in the house to last us till next payday or the rest of the month. Growing up I never really had a chance to experience what it was like to have a mother! Now I had a couple of step-moms and even some women, IE my grandmother, that I looked up to, but never a mother figure to show me what being a girl or woman really meant and I am happy to say that I now have one!

Anyway we are planning on taking her out to a nice sit down resturant, something she rarely has the time to do. She is the best mother and grandmother in the whole wide world and Jasmine is very lucky to have her! This is my first blogging attempt, so please bare with me, I promise that not all my blogs will be this boring, or short! Be waiting for the update to this and a few more life updates as I know there are people out there dying to know what has happened in my life in the past five or so years that I have moved away from my home town!

God bless you all,
<3 Rilda Johnson