Thursday, August 20, 2009

God Answers prayers, even when you think he didn't hear you!

I know, I know. I have been one of "those" blogger's. You know, the ones who never post anything remotely interesting, or funny. On top of that I hardly EVER post at ALL! I promise once things around here calm down a bit I'll be bugging you with constant post about the most boring of things!

I want to start off by saying thank you to those of you who have been praying for my baby girl! We found out a few days ago that her blood sugar is perfectly normal! The first test was wrong due to something Jasmine ate prior to taking the test! What a wonderful god we serve! A month ago the medical community was positive that baby girl's high blood sugar was causing her cataracts, but a month of prayer warriors praying and trusting that all things are possible through him and one blood test later we know that there are no problems other than the cataracts! Staying on subject with the blood test I have to admit that the last Dr's visit was probably the most painful thing I have ever had to endure, and this is coming from a woman who manned up and went through 8 1/2 hours of hard labor without an epidural! Once we were back in the room the nurses began putting on their gloves, and that alone made Jasmine uneasy! I suppose the distinct color of the gloves they use has stuck in her mind forever because every time she sees those gloves she clings onto momma like she is holding on for dear life! As the nurses prepared to draw her blood they instructed me to lay Jasmine down on the bed and strap her into what I can only describe as a baby straight jacket, only without the sleeves! At this point I was a little worried, but as a mother i knew we had to do whatever it took to get that blood test done! Once I strapped her in the screaming began and it didn't stop until we left the Dr's office and were safely in the car! Just watching them poke her with needles and draw blood made my heart hurt! She was staring at me the entire time with this look on her face as if she wanted to say mom how could you let them do this to me!!! It took everything in me not to cry! As we were leaving the nurse gave her a sticker and said "Don't worry mom she won't remember this." But all I could think about was the face she had made at me while they were poking at her, and I know that she may not remember, but momma will NEVER forget!!!

God Bless,

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