Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jasmine's first 4th of July

As you all know this past weekend was July 4th! Let me just start by saying Jasmine is definately a Johnson! She is so much like her father it isn't even funny! With that being said she had a blast this weekend! We attended two cookouts and she ate so much food!

The Dr. is always worried about the kinds of foods I am feeding her, but all I can say is when she wants something she wants it and she will scream until she gets it! And I know that most of you are thinking just let her cry and scream eventually she will stop and calm down. NO! She will cry however long it takes, and she is not so easily distracted, at least not when it comes to food!

Jasmine is a very smart, very spoiled little girl! She surprised her Nana this weekend by chasing her dog (Jade) around the house yelling "Doggie" and "Woof, Woof"! I must say that I haven't ever come across a child that can do that at 11 months old!

All I can say is thank you LORD! Thank you for giving me the time and patience to teach her on a daily basis, and thank you for giving me the power to speak this into existence!

The entire 9 months that she was growing inside me I kept saying she is going to be the smartest baby we have ever seen! I said it over and over again and I tried everything I could to make it possible from eating a lot of green foods and playing lots of classical music and to this day I haven't had one problem and she has turned out to be very bright!

She's going to be a year old soon and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by! It seems like just a few weeks ago I was sitting here four days past my due date trying to figure out if the contractions I was having were braxton hicks or the real thing! My how the time flies!

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