Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's up Doc?

On Monday Jasmine, Rob, and I took a trip to Durham NC to visit a very highly recommended Ophthalmologist! I must say that I was very happy and content With Dr. Spencer here in Greensboro, at least until Monday I was.

It's official! Jasmine will be getting the cataracts removed before she turns two, I was so happy with Dr. Spencer and all the information he had given us until our recent visit to DUKE eye center! (YAH DUKE!!!) The visit made me a lot more comfortable with the surgery! In the beginning the Dr. wanted to remove the cataracts, guess what size lens Jasmine would grow into and she may possibly need glasses when all is said and done! After hearing what our new Dr said we are thinking about going in a completely different direction! Its crazy how quickly you can change your mind. Especially when you are given all the details and not just what the Dr. wants you to know.

Now we are leaning more towards having 2 surgery. one to remove the cataracts and place a placement lens there sort of like a place holder and getting very thick glasses or contacts that she will wear until she is older and they can do a better Job at fitting her for the lens which is a totally separate surgery all together.

When leaving the Dr's office that day I felt some what relieved, very humbled, and so very very thankful. According to Dr. Spencer Jasmine vision is just fine, but the Dr from our second opinion strongly disagrees with that. She found that as of right now Jasmine is way below average when it comes to her vision and if she were older and this had occurred she would be considered legally blind, though she can still see things that are very close up. She also believes that the Cataracts formed some months after Jasmine was born and they seem to be getting worse as time goes on. (Yet another thing that Dr. Spencer left out! 8-[)

With all that being said we are going back to the pediatrician soon because Jasmine's blood sugar cam back as a little high when they did the blood work and I want to get that checked out. Hopefully we can figure out where these cataracts came from so we can keep it from happening again later on.

On a much lighter note, Jasmine will be celebrating her first birthday a week from tomorrow! I can't believe how much she has grown!

God bless,
<3 Rilda Johnson

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