Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Please Pray!

Just a little note to ask that you all keep my family and my little one in your prayers as we head into unknown territory tomorrow. Jasmine was born with Cataracts in both eyes. We aren't sure how that happened but we are grateful that in spite of the brownish film covering both lenses in her eyes that she has been able to have perfect vision. The Optometrist says that we will have to get them removed before she turns two years old or they will interfere with her developing vision.

I know that god is in control and that he knew we would have to face this even before Jasmine took her first breath.

We are going to the Surgical Center of Greensboro tomorrow morning where they will give my little angel anesthesia that will put her to sleep so that they can get a better look at those cataracts from what the Dr says its a pretty routine procedure and everything will be fine.

Thank you all for your prayers! May god bless you all!

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  1. Rilda,

    I will say a prayer for your sweet Jasmine, and you are right... God is in control! I am trusting and believing He will take care of your little one.... she is in His hands.